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The Definitive Guide to Bermuda Cruising

The warm climate and stunning beaches in the islands of Bermuda are considered part of North America. Bermuda is popular for its outstanding museums, plentiful golf courses, multitude dining options, intriguing history, and tropical wonders, making the Island a popular cruise destination. If you are planning for a fun and intriguing vacation, the British Overseas Territory could just be the answer. In this quick guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know so you can have a wonderful Bermuda cruising experience.

Best Time for Bermuda Cruises

The cruise season in Bermuda starts in April and ends in early November, with the high season beginning in June through September. While the summer temperatures are hotter and more humid than spring and fall months, October is usually the rainiest month. May is the best month to enjoy the Bermuda cruises, especially if you want to travel in the shoulder season. Most of the cruises take place during the Atlantic season.

Bermuda Cruise Lines

The three mainstream lines sailing Bermuda cruises include Celebrity, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean cruise line. Regent Seven Seas offer luxury sailing options with stops in dockyard Bermuda, southeastern United States and the Bahamas.

If you want to reserve your Bermuda cruising spot and docks rental in Bermuda for berthing vessels of up to 100’ in length, consider Pier 41 Marina. Other occasional cruise lines that call in Bermuda include Wind star, Holland America, Silversea, and Azamara.

Bermuda Cruise Tips

  • Have your meals on the ship - If you are traveling on a tight budget, consider having your meals on the ship and perhaps grab a few snacks to save money. In fact, Bermuda can be quite expensive, especially when shopping for wares in the Bermuda souvenir shops. Be prepared to shell some cash, if you want to bring home something to commemorate your vacation.

  • Rent a boat, a scooter or a mini car - If you want to go for fishing trips and explore various watersports for sightseeing excursions, Pier 41 Marina boat rental services is a good option. Also, you can use a taxi or rent a scooter to visit the famous city of Hamilton in Bermuda. During the North American and Transatlantic cruises, Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital city is often called on. Remember, with the numerous narrow and winding roads, you must be experienced in getting around in two wheels to rent a scooter. If a two-wheeler is not your thing, you can rent an electric mini car from your hotel or from some of the mini car rental companies on the island.

  • Carry the right attire - Unlike most ports in the Caribbean, Bermuda is a more formal and conservative port. Hence, you should always have your casual and beach attire ready because short shorts and bikinis are only allowed near and around the beach. Your dress code or attire should adhere to the restaurant you visit when dining in port.

  • Research before you pack golf clubs - Bermuda has some of the most luxurious, expansive golf courses in the world. And, popular cruise lines have started recognizing the country’s prowess in the golfing world, with Bermuda-bound duffers benefitting from special onboard programs. Therefore, you should check whether your sailing comes with some golf-themed excursions or special enrichment offerings.

  • Travel with your family - There are plenty of kid-friendly activities in the Bermuda Islands to include in your itinerary for the perfect family vacation. The Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo in the capital is home to a collection of tropical marine fish, the North Rock exhibit, and a 140,000-gallon tank that is designed to look like a living imitation of one of the country’s unique, natural coral reefs.

Your little tykes won’t feel too foreign as English is spoken everywhere around the clean and safe beaches. Moreover, there are shorter itineraries to explore, which are from convenient drive-to homeports. At Pier 41 Marina harbor, you and your family will enjoy clean showers, laundry facilities, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and sufficient water supply.

Things to Do on the Island

Although the Bermuda Island is small, at 20.6 square miles, it packs a punch of things to do. Here are some of the amazing activities to include in your cruise to-do list.

  • Relax on the Pink Sand Beaches: The Main Island is popularly known for its spectacular pink sand beaches. The red-hued organisms and tiny bits of coral that wash up the Bermuda beaches give the sand a rosy tint that makes the beaches seem pink. Take as many photos as possible to share with your Instagram followers.

  • Try Shipwreck Diving: There are hundreds of shipwrecks in the surrounding waters, even though the mythology of a treacherous Bermuda triangle is considered a myth. The turquoise, shallow and clear waters allow cruisers to enjoy great visibility when shipwreck diving.

  • Explore Subterranean Caves: The subterranean caves in the Main Island are the most stunning natural attractions in Bermuda. Crystal Cave in Hamilton Parrish is regarded as the most famous among all caves. The glimmering crystal pools and stalagmites give the cave an eerie feel.