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Experience the Beauty of Bermuda Waters

From the temperate climate to a rich history and amazing pink beaches, Bermuda is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to go on vacations. The pristine blue waters surrounding the Island are a haven for breathtaking beauty waiting to be explored. Whether you intend to use your own yacht or rent one, the Island has numerous docks rental so you do not need to worry about where to berth your vessel. Bermuda marinas are available for both short term and long-term rental to ensure you have a memorable experience exploring its waters.

There are a lot of activities to engage in while cruising in the Atlantic. If you fancy venturing into the waters alone for a personal experience, most Bermuda marinas offer information and guides on the best places to visit. So, what are some of the memorable things you can do for the best marine experience in Bermuda?

1. Go for a boating or sailing tour.

There are two ways to unearth the treasures that lie in the Bermuda waters. You can rent or charter a boat or yacht and go on a private trip, or you can book a boating or sailing tour from the numerous tour providers in the Island. A boating or sailing experience will take you to the secluded beaches, caves, historical sites and the many small islands found in Bermuda waters

Glass-bottom tours are an excellent opportunity for viewing the beautiful coral reefs and marine life. Some boat tours also add water-sport activities to their excursion packages and you also get to learn about the history of Bermuda while at it. Pier 41 marina situated at the famous Royal Naval Dockyard offers boat rentals and sightseeing excursion to both locals and tourists for the ultimate Atlantic adventure.

2. Fishing

If you like fishing, Bermuda waters have everything for you. There are lots of coral reefs in Bermuda waters that are teeming with fish and make for great fishing spots. You can decide to try your luck at catching the popular marlin, tuna and wahoo species found in the crystal clear waters either as a group or individually.

Some of the best shore fishing sites in Bermuda are located in the western part of Bermuda like Great Sound, West Whale Bay. Bermuda marinas like Pier41 offer fishing trips to their clients thus making for a convenient dock rental destination if you want to go fishing.

3. Snorkeling

There are a great number of sites in Bermuda with shallow water where snorkelers can have a field day. Snorkel Park situated at Dockyard is one of the best places for a beachside snorkeling experience ideal for the entire family. Other places like Horseshoe Bay and Elbow beach also provide great spots for snorkeling due to their tranquil and shallow waters.

A more exciting snorkeling experience is found offshore and requires one to have a boat. Offshore snorkeling gives you with views of coral reefs, beautiful marine life and an opportunity to engage in shipwreck snorkeling. Some providers of Yacht rentals in Bermuda also offer snorkelers boat tours to shipwreck sites like the Montanna and Constellation.

4. Water Sports

A Bermuda water adventure cannot be complete without a dose of adrenaline. You can opt for parasailing and enjoy scenic views of the coastline, or scuba dive in the deep waters with numerous coral reefs and shipwrecks. Helmet diving will let you take a walk below the ocean while kayaking tours in kayaks with glass bottom views will give you a glimpse of marine flora and fauna even at night

If you just landed at Royal Naval Dockyard and you are looking for a thrilling way to kick-start your vacation, Dockyard Watersports Centre is there for you. You will find everything you need to take part in an activity of your choice here, including water sports rentals. You can even go for a swim at Dolphin Quest located at the dockyard and enjoy playing with or feeding the dolphins

You can never be short of what to do once you go out into the Bermuda waters. And what’s more, you don’t even need a boat! Pier 41 marina will provide you with docks rental as well as yacht rentals in Bermuda to ensure your stay at the island is one worth reliving.