Plan Your Next Vacation In Bermuda - Yacht Marina & Docks Rental in Bermuda

If your ideal retreat involves sailing, and spending time on your vessel than look no further than Bermuda. Plan a Stop at Pier 41 marina, your ultimate Bermuda cruising destination. Located in the sheltered Northern Basin of the historic Naval Dockyard, Pier 41 Marina offers everything one needs to enjoy life on the water and a carefree vacation. All amenities are available on site. We hold over 100 breakwater protected slips, a resident dock master, secure gated access, shore power, water supply, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and showers, laundry facilities, 150' fuel dock, a fully stocked waterside minimart and chandlery.

The Bermuda Boatyards

The Dockshop Pier 41 is an excellent option for anyone looking to berth vessels up to 100’ in length in Bermuda. To maximise your time spent out on the water, Pier 41 offers boat rentals, yacht charters, fishing trips and a multitude of sightseeing excursions so you can see all of the beautiful sites while on the Island.

You will be spoilt for choice, when searching for activities to do on land or sea. Bermuda is a known destination for exceptional wreck diving and has sites still intact with colonies of sea life now living in and around the wrecks. Snorkelling is a must do while in Bermuda watch wonderful marine life including 5/7 of the world turtle species. There are family options too such as organising a visit to the dolphin sanctuaries nearby where you can get up close to these wonderfully intelligent and social creatures. Kayaking the clear waters, or hiring jet-ski’s are all within reach as are family visits to the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo and other key sites when on land are The Rail Trail or the Crystal Caves.You have it all when choosing Bermuda for your next vacation or getaway.

Excellent beaches, great food, and fantastic people make Bermuda a top cruising destination.

Pier 41 is the perfect marina for anyone cruising to Bermuda, whether for a few days or several weeks. When berthing your vessel, the endless options are at your fingertips. The island of Bermuda is rich in history with traditional shops, authentic restaurants which are world class, and famous pink sandy beaches!

If you are cruising to Bermuda, reach out to us soon to reserve your spot at the Pier 41 marina, we can accommodate vessels of all sizes.


The historic Royal Naval Dockyard is the most visited tourist site in all of Bermuda and well worth the visit. Initially built in 1814 as a strategic base for staging Atlantic expeditions, her rich history can still be felt despite modernised facilities. The perfect destination in which to launch all of your maritime activities and water activities. As you have the freedom to choose and design your own activities while based at Pier 41, you will be pleased to learn that the excellent restaurants, local shopping, and beautiful beaches are all within walking distance. You can visit Bermuda’s capital Hamilton by taking a short and inexpensive ferry. Or if you want to take a taxi to see the famous pink sand beaches of Bermuda. Bermuda has a subtropical climate and can be visited year round, the majority of tours are offered on a year round basis.

Contact us and let us know how we can best assist your stay in Bermuda.

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