Step Back in Time at the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

What is so special about the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda is that you can glimpse into the past five centuries of marine history while enjoying the full amenities available at the yacht marina. When planning your trip to Bermuda and looking for a Bermuda yacht agent, contact us at Pier 41.

Originally built in 1814 as a strategic base for launching Atlantic expeditions, the historic Royal Naval Dockyard is the most visited tourist site in all of Bermuda. In 1818, the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda officially replaced the Royal Naval Dockyard, Halifax as the British headquarters for the North America and West Indies Station.

HMD Bermuda (Her/His Majesty's Dockyard, Bermuda) was the primary base of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic between American independence and the Cold War. French buccaneer could have used the islands as a base of operations against Spanish galleons in the 16th century.

Diving into history underwater or on foot is possible in enchanting Bermuda. There are over 300 shipwrecks in the waters surrounding the island, some are still intact and many close to the shoreline. Many theories have circulated the past decades about the mysterious and dangerous Bermuda Triangle. But these vessels reached their ill fate mostly due to the hidden and hazardous coral reefs. There are treacherous underwater coral reefs spanning across some 200 square miles of water area near Bermuda.

An ideal destination for maritime activities, boasting unbeatable diving experiences, amazing snorkelling, boat rentals and fishing trips where you can launch all of your water adventures from Pier 41.

Plan your day with us including visiting the many excellent eateries, local shopping and beautiful beaches which are all within walking distance and are highly recommended while on private yacht charter in Bermuda. If you want to explore Hamilton Bermuda’s vibrant capital, the ferry is nearby, quick and enjoyable or head to the famous pink sand beaches of Bermuda.

Pier 41 has been modernised over the years but has retained the atmosphere and character of the real Bermuda. It’s a wondrous place to visit and should be on everyone’s list when visiting our beautiful island.

Nearby at the historic Clocktower Mall, you can shop for local artisan goods, jewellery, swimwear, handicrafts and more. Try the famous cakes at Bermuda Rum Cake Company, and meet with local artists at the Bermuda Arts Centre. We also have a Wedding/Event Venue on site.

Still hunting for more history?

Not to be missed is the The Hall of History, a magnificent, 1,000-square-foot mural in the National Museum of Bermuda. Created by local artist Graham Foster, it visually represents 500 years of Bermuda history.

On Foot

The African Diaspora Heritage Trail winds throughout the island, one major stop is at the Dockyard in the National Museum of Bermuda. Visit the First Floor of the Commissioner's House to see the exhibit on the slave trade and slavery in Bermuda – take a look at the fascinating, enlightening collection of stories, photos, objects and shipwreck artefacts.

Bermuda Maritime Museum is the island’s largest and most-visited attraction and custodian of Bermuda’s fascinating maritime traditions. Set in six acres at the Royal Naval Dockyard, it includes eight historic exhibit buildings, the award-winning Commissioner’s House and the popular Dolphin Quest facility.