Sailing the Bermuda may Teach You Lessons of Self

Sailing the Bermuda may Teach You Lessons of Self-Sufficiency Better than Most Sports

Sailing is a great sport but often underappreciated. And yes, it’s far more than wind and cocktails. It actually teaches you the noble enterprise of self-sufficiency better than other sports. You always learn something new. Unlike in football or baseball wherein the coaches can interact with the players, in sailing, you are on your own trying to figure out how to navigate the course, the rules, and the weather.

You really have to be self-sufficient. If you’re not, you learn to be. You can’t just plop somebody on the boat and say go. Yes, you can learn theories in classrooms but once that wind hits your sail, it dictates where you are going. If can’t fend for yourself, if you don’t know how to strategize, then it is easy to get lost.

The Bermuda is one of the best marina sites in the world. On land, it is scenic and full of history but there’s nothing like hopping around a boat to explore the surrounding waters. Whether you’re into sailing for leisure or sport, this is one destination that you should put up in your list. You can roar into the famous Great Sound, explore tiny, unpopulated islands, or make your way out into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s also a great place for first time sailors. Bermuda is the best place to improve your tracking and jibing mastery. Sailing courses are available through local sailing companies and can be customized depending on your choice. There are courses for every one of all gender and ages. Not to mention the amazing view you’ll get to see as you go.

Looking a bit more of an adventure? Watersports offered in Bermuda can give you quite the chill. From world-class diving, snorkeling and fishing trips to boat rentals, yacht charters, and sightseeing tours, there are trips and excursions for everyone.

Ken Dallas