Quick Guide to Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Quick Guide to Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay is the most famous beach in Bermuda and probably the most discussed destinations in Bermuda cruises. It is a stretch of pink-tinged sand lapped by pale turquoise water. The pink is crushed coral from the surrounding reef. It is located Southampton Parish on the south shore of the island. It has cafes, toilets, and shower facilities where tourists and locals take pleasure in especially during summer season.

On Good Friday and Easter, Horseshoe Bay becomes a popular destination for hundreds of Bermudians wherein they fly colorful handmade kites.

Getting to Horseshoe Bay

There are a couple of options to get from the dock to Horseshoe Bay beach. You can hire a taxi, hire a driver, buy a cruise line transfer, or jump on a shuttle bus. Most people would choose to travel by shuttle bus as this is the least expensive way to get to Horseshoe at $7 per head.

Arriving at Horseshoe Bay

The Horseshoe Bay Beach is just a short walk down from where you’ll be dropped off. Upon arrival, you will immediately notice specialty stores where you can pick up anything you’ve left at home. However, these might be priced a little bit steeper compared to finding a dockshop ahead of time for your gears.

The Beach

As most tourists would say, the Horseshoe Bay Beach seems like something that popped out of a postcard. The water is warm, blue, and crystal clear.  About 100 yards off the beach is a small series of reefs which create a wonderful snorkeling spot. The reef and the corals were a playground for the fish.

Just down the beach are quite a few large rock formations and caves perfect for exploring. At the base of the rocks, there are a lot of tidal pools that are fun to explore. Some of them are pretty deep, and the drop-off can catch you off guard.

Ken Dallas